A Refreshing Brand Refresh

Branding is one of the most important elements for a business and its products. Think about when you go to the supermarket, each and every brand does it’s best to stand out on the shelf to attract attention. Often promotional items can be found with additional branding on gondola ends, which statistics show leverage the greatest traction. The bottom line is branding is big business, and getting it right counts for everything.

In the past few months we’ve completely overhauled our brand because we believe in innovation and evolving. Much like our core software products, we too have evolved as a business and we’ve grown. We felt the time was right to inject a little more colour into our brand and bring our product’ branding up to date too.

First we revamped the Infotechnics logo before giving our website a little tender loving care and most recently, we’ve tweaked the Opralog and Mobilog logos to give them a fresh new look too.

Good branding improves recognition, helps create trust for our customers, and adds value to our business both financially and from an inspirational perspective for our employees as we feel proud to be part of a strong and successful team

“Our brand is an extension of the team here at Infotechnics and brand development is as important to us as continually developing and growing our products.” — Majid Asif