Mobile Event & Data Logging Made Easy with Mobilog

Mobile Inspection & Operator Rounds Software – One of the many challenges faced by Asset Operators today is ensuring that consistency and best practices are applied across the asset by each of their operators to help guarantee adherence to compliance standards and regulations.

Mobilog provides operators with complete access to all of their logbooks in the field. The Mobilog app can be used in both online and offline mode, allowing operators to both retrieve and edit logbook entries in the field.

Using the mobile application, Manually Collected Data is made quickly visible and can be acted upon as soon as something is logged, thereby helping to:

  • Improve Incident Avoidance
  • Provide Efficient Monitoring and Reporting On Non-Instrumented Equipment
  • Reduce Error-Prone Paperwork
  • Analysis and Trends Can Be Seen Instantly in the Field

Mobilog takes the power of Opralog to mobile devices and is available on iOS, Windows10 and Android.  Mobilog can be used to capture any plant event, whether it be pre-planned event logging, operator rounds or logging ad hoc exceptions or observations. Data collected in the field will no longer be lost or filed away with no action.  Information added is immediately validated and operating procedures are at the fingertips of the people that need them in the field.  Event History can also be viewed by the operator as he tours the plant.

Our mobile inspection and operator rounds software has already been implemented across a number of leading oil and gas companies worldwide. For a free trail, get in touch with us today and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.