Ina integrates Opralog for Operational Logging

MOL Group is a leading Central & East European oil and gas corporation with their headquarters based in Budapest, Hungary.

MOL has used Opralog in its refineries to log events and drive improvements in Shift Handover for years. Ina’s future success in streamlining their process sits in the hands of the system MOL found to work best, Opralog. Ina wanted to automate and capture communication of routine operational data for reporting purposes and at the same time closer align itself with the wider MOL group.

Our goal was to ensure Opralog was installed quickly and efficiently, and to deliver quick, concise training and support to enable Ina’s super-users to create a logbook and reporting structure that would ensure their ongoing success.

A group of users from across the refinery were selected for in depth training in configuring Opralog. After the training, further advice and support was provided to assist these new super-users to create the initial logbooks that would be needed to meet the refinery’s needs.

In addition, logging operational data has now been streamlined resulting in better communication between shifts and improvement in the Shift Handover process.


“The implementation and integration of Opralog was completed quickly and effectively thanks to the onsite support and training provided by the Infotechnics product support team.”