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Inhibits & Overrides

Providing control, visibility, tracking and management of risk

Providing control, visibility, tracking and management of risk

A number of high profile incidents have occurred where the incorrect use of inhibits and overrides played a contributing factor.

The Opralog system provides a configurable platform that allows organisations to standardise work processes and operate in a safe, compliant manner. Operational data can be captured in a structured format and shared across the business therefore increasing safety and efficiency at the same time.

Accurate shift logs and records are essential for the effective monitoring and control of plant. The shift log should contain a summary of the status of any protection or control system block, force or override that may be in force (both physical and electronic). Opralog provides a secure central repository for both recording and reporting all information relating to inhibits.

Inhibit detail is automatically incorporated into the Shift Handover Report ensuring that the oncoming shift will be made aware of all inhibits raised or removed during the previous shift. Start-ups, shutdowns, and transitions have always been considered the most dangerous period for operations in process plants so it is important that Operators have visibility of any inhibits that are in place during those times.

Utilising the Opralog system for managing inhibits and overrides provides immediate and tangible benefits to the safety of operating assets. Operators, supervisors and managers can get a fast and efficient overview of all inhibits and overrides active on their operating asset, including; time of activation, purpose, expected duration, and party responsible for the activation.

Opralog maintains a register of all inhibits that have been raised, its inbuilt search capability makes it quick and easy to carry out an audit on all inhibits that are in place at any point in time. Statistical analysis can be carried out using the Opralog calculation engine to identify trends such as the length of time or how often particular Inhibits are in place or if required the Inhibit data can be shared with other systems for modelling and analysis.

Opralog will manage the inhibit process with notifications being sent to the appropriate persons when inhibits have been raised or modified. Inhibits can be categorised depending on risk and complexity. There is no requirement for maintaining different lists for each category of inhibit as Opralog can easily manage the complete life-cycle of any inhibit including the transition from short term to long term.

  • Remove manual, paper or Excel based override and force logs
  • View the status of all overrides at any time from the Opralog desktop or mobile device
  • Only persons with sufficient security privileges can enter and update Inhibit information
  • Approve and review overrides
  • Enhanced visibility of override usage
  • Full history and audit trail
  • Configurable — add any type of override, inhibit, bypass etc
  • Integration with plant historian (eg OSIsoft PI System)
  • Industry Best practice / Operational Excellence
  • Prevent potential process safety and asset integrity events from occurring