Real Time Data Integration - Infotechnics

Real Time Data Integration

Combine human processes with real-time data sources such as OSIsoft PI and Wonderware.


Quality Control/Assurance

Adhere to high level industry standards such as ISO 9001 and reduce quality based risks in production.

Incident Manager

Improve communications and reduce the risk of people related incidents occurring. All data is held in one location making post-incident analysis easily trackable.

Process Safety

Improved shift handover and enhanced communication will streamline process safety throughout your organisation.


Shift Handover

Improve communication, reduce risk, increase safety and boost productivity and performance. Communicate more effectively and efficiently in order to improve plant reliability. Learn more

Operational Logging

Save time and increase operational visibility across the business whilst reducing downtime and improving plant reliability.


Environmental Reporting

Satisfy compliance requirements and ensure data is consistent and accurate with data templates. Have complete visibility of environmental performance.

Work Instructions

Improve incident avoidance and reduce error prone paperwork. Efficiently monitor and report key plant operations which are instantly shared across the organisation with no loss of data.

Action Tracking

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, generate actions from logbook events, emails or documents. View all actions in one place on a familiar platform.

Make more from your manufacturing

Infotechnics can transform your manufacturing operations making them more streamlined, more strategic and save you time across the field.